Medical specialty which studies the diseases of the circulatory system and of the lymphatic system, i.e., arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels, and its diseases

angiology services

Cirugía de Várices Láser o Radiofrecuencia Unilateral

This procedure is performed in the operating room and is ambulatory, that is, the patient can be discharged the same day of his surgery. In this surgery it can be unilateral or bilateral and a thin optical fiber is introduced into the vein that during its journey closes the affected vein


Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathetomy is the only definitive treatment for hyperhidrosis, this surgical procedure is performed by minimally invasive techniques, with small wounds on each side of the thorax which allows to disconnect those nerves sympathetic and their thoracic ganglia to definitively eliminate the excessive stimulation that causes uncontrolled sweating of The areas to be treated. The recovery of this procedure is rapid and less pain after surgery.

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