oncology services

The Oncological Breast Clinic is a specialized center of excellence for both radiological and histopathological diagnosis (mammography, ultrasound, minimally invasive biopsies), as well as the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer, attached to national and international clinical guidelines, but especially With humane treatment.

oncology services


Primarily, there are three approaches to the treatment of tumor in the breast: conservative surgery, oncoplastic surgery and mastectomy. The oncologist surgeon of Breast will be the one who evaluates various aspects to define the appropriate treatment.

lumpectomy (Consdervative Surgery)

Lumpectomy is the removal of a breast tumor along with the normal tissue that surrounds it. The goal of lumpectomy is to remove the tumor, preserving the rest of the breast. It is also known as conservative surgery, partial mastectomy, quadrantectomy, etc.


Oncoplastic surgery is an innovative procedure which allows to perform a conservative breast surgery in conjunction with a remodeling breast with the same glandular tissue of the patient, obtaining a better cosmetic result. It is indicated in patients with breast cancer who have also ptosis (breast drop) or breast hypertrophy (exaggerated breast volume).


Existen dos grandes técnicas para la reconstrucción mamaria y el cirujano plástico será quien decida cuál es la mejor opción de tratamiento. Estas técnicas son:

Con materiales alopáticos: involucra el uso expansores tisulares, implantes, etc.

Con tejido autólogo: comprende la reconstrucción con tejido trasplantado de otra parte del cuerpo (como el abdomen, el muslo o la espalda).


o identify sentinel lymph nodes, a radioactive substance and / or a blue dye is injected into the areolar region. The substance travels through the lymphatic ducts to the ganglion.

Subsequently, only those nodes marked with the radioactive substance or inked are removed and the Oncological Pathology team analyzes and determines whether there are cancer cells or not. In case of finding cancer cells

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