We have the best specialists to treat any lesion of the musculoskeletal system. Covering aspects related to the surgical treatment of injuries of muscles, bones, tendons and joints.

orthopedics services


 Joint microsurgery A revision is done inside the knee on a monitor, with a micro-camera, and various procedures and surgeries are performed through a few millimeters incisions.

Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder surgery by microinitions, to treat and reconstruct pathologies related to tendon ruptures, dislocations, sports injuries, among other conditions.


Joint replacement surgery. Renew knee movements, in addition to removing chronic pain. Used in chronic or advanced cartilage wear. Thanks to innovative implants, it is possible to recover lost function in the knee very quickly and safely.


Open surgery to replace the hip totally or partially by means of a metal modular implant when it presents irreversible damage.

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